A semi-pro gaming clan that spans PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. It also includes casual divisions for the Wii, Nintendo DS and PSP.
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 Posting and YOU!

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PostSubject: Posting and YOU!   Tue Oct 19, 2010 7:01 pm

1. Read carefully what you receive to make sure that you understand the message.

2. Read carefully what you send, to make sure that your message will not be misunderstood.

3. If you are using humor or sarcasm, make sure to clearly label it as such. Humor on this list should be indicated by an emoticon. For example: Cool Smile Wink. Well-intended sarcasm is seldom effective online.

4. Remember that the absence of cues associated with face-to-face communication provides for an environment where it's easy to misunderstand what is being said.

5. Know your audience. Make sure that the person, or list of people, you are sending your message to is the appropriate one(s) with whom to communicate.

6. Be tolerant of newcomers. None of us were born knowing all.

7. Please use proper grammar and spelling when posting.

8. Avoid cluttering your messages with excessive emphasis (such as stars, arrows and the like). It may make the message hard to follow.

9. If you are responding to a message, either include the relevant part of the original message in your message, or make sure you unambiguously refer to the original's contents. It's very possible that people will read your reply to the message before they read the original. Do not quote more than necessary to make your point clear. Please do not quote the entire message.

10. Be specific, especially when asking questions.

11. If your messages can be typed in UPPER and lower case, please use the two appropriately instead of all UPPERCASE characters. This gives the appearance of shouting and makes the message less readable.

12. Remember that not all readers have English as their native language, so make allowance for possible misunderstandings and unintended discourtesies.

13. Don't start a ''flame war'' unless you're willing to take the heat. Just as you shouldn't drive when you are angry, you should not send e-mail or threaded discussion responses when you are mad at someone. Go ahead and type a response, but do not mail/post it until the next day. Chances are that when you come back later to read your response, you'll be glad you thought twice. (side note: We all understand that sometimes things are taken out of context or whatever. The Mods & Admins will give careful consideration to anyone that acts like they have common sense when disputing an edited post, etc. YES, an Admin or Mon CAN EDIT YOUR POST, but they MUST post that it was edited and the MUST PM you to tell you it has been edited and why).
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Posting and YOU!
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