A semi-pro gaming clan that spans PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. It also includes casual divisions for the Wii, Nintendo DS and PSP.
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Recruitment Period
•Completion of recruitment period. (See MEMBERSHIP CLASSIFICATION for appropriate Guidelines of Admission)
•Attitude and behavior while in recruitment, on the forums, in game, and at events.
•Active participation in Division practices. (If appropriate.)
•Active participation in forum discussions and events.
•Attendance at Orientation.

By attending either a Public or Private Orientation, the Recruit agrees to abide by all policies and guidelines, as contained within this Member's Handbook. If a Recruit is unable to attend the Public Orientation due to a work or life conflict, the Recruit may arrange with the appropriate Recruitment Manger|Division Leader to attend a private Orientation at an alternate time. Otherwise, the Recruit will have to attend the following month's Public Orientation, and will have their Recruitment extended until successful attendance.



Member Classification

Members of RADIATION NATION| Clan Inc. are classified as either RADIATION NATION| Clan Member, RADIATION NATION| Division Member and RADIATION NATION| PRO. This is necessary in order to retain our members that are on breaks or leaves, and to ensure that active members receive all benefits of membership fully warranted by their dedication.

RADIATION NATION| Clan Member Status
With approval of Membership, a "RADIATION NATION Member"|" Member" may:
•Use the RADIATION NATION| suffix in their gamertag.
•Have access to RADIATION NATION forums as a whole.
•Use of the community Ventrilo and any RADIATION NATION| Clan public game servers.
•Will have a "RADIATION NATION Member" badge applied to their account.

Guidelines for Admission:
•Have previously completed a full Recruitment period (4 weeks/4 hours OR PREVIOUSLY, 8 weeks/4 hours or 4 weeks/8 hours) with a Division.
•Have attended Public Orientation, or an arranged Private Orientation with a Recruitment Manager/Division Leader/Platform General

A PRO member is a member that has a signed contract with RADIATION NATIONClan Inc. for a specified term and compensation assigned to an individual or team. PRO Membership requirements are similar to Division Requirements, but are also bound to individual contractual requirements as well. Member must use the RxN tag when playing PRO.

Division Participation

RADIATION NATION Clan expects Division Members to be ready to participate in Division practices and matches/battles/raids (as game appropriate) on a regular basis.
•Division Members are expected to maintain a minimum of at least 4 hours of practices a week to remain in the Division.
•Practice Manager(s)|Division Leader(s) are responsible for conveying to members a current and up-to-date practice schedule at all times. Hours for practice options are determined by the Division Leader(s), Practice Manager(s) and Practice Captains.
•Practice Managers|Division Leaders are expected to take regular attendance and monitor attendance of their division members, making these records available to the Division Members.
•All attendance records should be posted in the appropriate Division section of the forums.
•Practice attendance is for a FULL practice. Unless there is an emergency or scheduled conflict (i.e. work, school, etc) and the Member has notified the Captain running the practice, Members are expected to enter practice on time and remain for the duration.
•Division Members are required to attend the monthly Division Meetings as scheduled by the Division Leader(s).

Expected Practice and Match Etiquette
Division Members are expected focus solely on the practice|matches during the set time.
•As a point of respect to Division Members and Practice Captains, all Members are required to set their status (as platform appropriate) to show as “Busy” during practices/raids.This includes no private or party chatting (Xbox), IMing (PC), whispering (MMO), etc.
•Practice Manager(s)|Division Leader(s) are to ensure Practice Captains are assigned and that practice rooms are set up promptly for each scheduled practice. Practice Captains are required to have practice room set up at least 15 minutes prior to start of practice, so attending Members have time to join, and the practice may start promptly.
•The assigned Practice Captain leading the practice is the only individual that will send out or approve invite requests during practice. It is a member’s responsibility to notify practice captain that you would like to attend that practice at least 15 minutes BEFORE practice starts.
•During practice all Members are expected to show respect and decorum to fellow Members and the Practice Captain(s).
•Only Clan Members are allowed in practices unless they are Recruits who have officially started the recruitment period.
Absence Policy
•Absences of 1 week, or less: Member is required to notify Practice Manager(s)|Division Leader(s) ahead of LOA, and post in the appropriate thread for short term absences:
•Absences of up to 3 weeks or less: Member is required to notify Practice Manager(s)|Division Leader(s) ahead of LOA, and post in the appropriate thread for long term absences:
•Absences of more than 3 weeks: Member is required to notify Practice Manager(s)|Division Leader(s) ahead of LOA, and will be moved to General Member status. Upon timely return, Member must notify Division Leader(s), and can be granted Division Member status without further requirements.
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